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Gorilla Warfare is a male grooming and waxing studio in Hertfordshire and London. From back waxing to chests, eyebrows, feet, legs and the male Brazilian

waxing for men
  • Announcing our new Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Treatments for Men

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our full range of aesthetic treatments, all delivered safely and professionally by our fully qualified and experienced nurse practitioner, Andrew Forsyth RN.

  • Male Waxing - Creating Culture Change

    Would you be brave enough to wear our sticker after your male waxing treatment?

  • The 'Go Faster' Full Body Wax

    Anyone who's experienced a Full Body Wax knows that it can be a long process.  It often takes longer than 'the sum of the parts' due to the need for the client to take breaks, initial clippering, thorough

  • Introducing the new Tarzan & Jane waxing service

    We’re often asked if we can provide waxing services for the female partners of our male clients. Whilst we’re still primarily a male grooming studio, we are delighted to be able to offer a full range of

  • Carry on waxing...and save!

    Why are all the special offers and incentives only offered to new customers? At Gorilla Warfare we firmly believe in rewarding our loyal, regular clients so we’re very pleased to announce our new

  • Gorilla Warfare Supports Red Nose Day 2015

    Free Nostril Waxing!

  • New Central London studio opens on 5th March!

    Perfectly located in the heart of the City, our new grooming studio will offer a full range of professional waxing services.  Gorilla Warfare London is based in Clerkenwell and is just a 10 minute walk from