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Gorilla Warfare is a male grooming and waxing studio in Hertfordshire and London. From back waxing to chests, eyebrows, feet, legs and the male Brazilian

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Male Waxing - Creating Culture Change
Would you be brave enough to wear our sticker after your male waxing treatment?

Even though male waxing is now as every-day as going to the barbers, men still seem to find it difficult to talk about removing their body hair.  In our attempts to change a culture (which has at times been a little like turning an oil rig), we have produced this sticker which seems to have gone down very well indeed! Clients suddenly appear to forget their waxing worries and can't wait to apply their sticker and go out into the big wide world. It seems that the reward we all remember being given to us as children by the dentist is as popular with big boys as it is with little ones.  Maybe this will at last get them talking.

What do you think? Love it? Or hate it?  We want to hear from you.