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Gorilla Warfare is a male grooming and waxing studio in Hertfordshire and London. From back waxing to chests, eyebrows, feet, legs and the male Brazilian


Hertfordshire Studios

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You’re not all gorillas are you? So we don’t charge gorilla prices for those with less fur, our pricing structure is flexible, because everyone is different. You’ll be given an exact price before treatment begins.

Our Hertfordshire studios cover Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, St Albans, Hertford, Watford, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. The Stotfold studio is open from 7am-9pm, 7 days a week. Our waxing treatments are carried out by female therapists.  

Like to keep your grooming habits private? You can use the codes below when you call to book. Or you can of course book online, text or email us.

First time? Download the pre and post Wax Advice waxing guide for men


Male Waxing

Men’s intimate waxing (BSC, Male Brazilian)

GWI01 Chimp (buttocks only) £20
GWI02 Gibbon (buttock cleavage only) £20
GWI03 Baboon (buttocks & cleavage) £35
GWI04 Marmaset (Speedo line) £20
GWI05 Orangutan (scrotum & penis) £40
GWI06 Lemur (full genitals & pubic triangle shaped or removed) £45
GWI07 Aye Aye (cleavage, full genitals, pubic triangle shaped or removed - excl. buttocks) £50
GWI08 The Gorilla (buttocks, cleavage, full genitals, pubic triangle - the lot) £60 £55
GWI09 Howler (The Gorilla plus full chest & abs combo) £75
GWI10 Silverback (The Gorilla plus full back, neck & shoulders combo) £75
GWI11 The Tarzan (The Gorilla plus full back, chest & abs combo) £99

Men's Upper Body Waxing

GWU01 Full back, neck & shoulders £28 - £38
GWU02 Full chest & abs £28 - £38
GWU03 Full torso (full back, neck, shoulders, chest & abs) £52 - £62
GWU04 Chest only £15 - £25
GWU05 Abs only £15
GWU06 Half arms (upper) £15
GWU07 Full arms (incl. hands and fingers) £30 - £35
GWU08 Underarms £10
GWU09 Hands & fingers £10

Men's Lower Body Waxing

GWL01 Full legs (incl. feet, toes and Speedo line)                              £40 - £50
GWL02 Half legs  £20 - £30
GWL03 Feet & toes £10

Men's Facial Waxing

GWF01 Eyebrow tidy      £10
GWF02 Nostrils (painless procedure)       £10
GWF03 Ears £10
GWF04 Neck £10
GWF05 Specialised hairline wax £15
GWF06 Men’s full facial wax (brow tidy, nostrils, ears) £25

Men's Full Body Waxing

GWFB01 Full body wax (neck down, excl. Brazilian) £140
GWFB02 Full body wax (neck down, incl. Brazilian) £185
GWFB03 Uber Extreme (full body wax incl. facial wax) £200

Nail Care

Mens Nail Care Services

GWNC01 Men’s pedicure £39
GWNC02 Men’s manicure £28

Massage, Holistics & Other Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage

GWAM01 Back, neck & shoulder massage (35 mins) £40 £30
GWAM02 Full body massage £70

Deep Tissue Massage

GWDT01 Back, neck & shoulder massage (40 mins) £40

Swedish Massage

GWSM01 Back, neck & shoulder massage (30 mins) £30 £25
GWSM02 Full body massage (60 mins) £50

Other Massage

GWOM01 Leg massage  £30
GWOM02 Indian head massage  £40
GWOM03 Reflexology £40
GWOM04 Ear candling & sinus drainage massage  £35

Skin Treatments

GWST01 Spray tan  £22