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Gorilla Warfare is a male grooming and waxing studio in Hertfordshire and London. From back waxing to chests, eyebrows, feet, legs and the male Brazilian

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About Gorilla Warfare Waxing for Men

Unless you’ve been lost in a jungle somewhere, you’ll know that manscaping is as everyday as going to the barbers.

Male waxing and grooming is more popular than you think.  You’re all doing it - you just don’t talk about it.

After 10 years at the top of the tree, Gorilla Warfare knows how to remove body hair comfortably and at double-quick speed. And yes, we do the ‘bit in between’ too (you’ll know this as the famous back, sac and crack, or male Brazilian).  In fact, we do more Brazilians than any other men’s waxing treatment.

We know you don’t like walking into high street beauty salons, and we know how much your privacy means to you.  So our discreet studios are dedicated exclusively to the needs of men, with no intimidating waiting rooms and absolutely no pink!

Gorilla Warfare therapists are trained and accredited by the country’s leading experts on waxing, Andy Rouillard of Axiom Bodyworks, and Kim Lawless.  They are the best in the industry and we wouldn’t entrust our training and qualifications programme to anyone else.  And as we’re members of both BABTAC and the FHT, you know you are in the very best hands.  
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" Unless you’ve been lost in
a jungle somewhere, you’ll know
that manscaping is as everyday
as going to the barbers. "

male waxing hertfordshire
Formed in Hertfordshire in 2007 by Sarah Panter, Gorilla Warfare was established to fill a gap in the market for professional grooming and waxing salons exclusively for men. 

Now, the organisation is recognised as one of the leading male grooming providers in the country and Sarah continues to deliver her own menu of professional treatments coupled with an ability to make even the most apprehensive client feel relaxed and at ease. 

Sarah is regularly asked to work with high profile clients and delivers the Gorilla Warfare service at client’s premises, sports grounds and on location.  For clients who require a higher level of privacy and security, please contact us.

Building on this success, the business is about to embark on a new project to produce a range of male grooming products and men’s underwear using the powerful Gorilla Warfare branding.  Please keep an eye on the website for further announcements. 

Sarah lives in Hertfordshire with her two teenage children.  When she’s not working, Sarah is passionate about growing organic fruit and vegetables, cooking, and history.